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New: winter/spring 2018

Feldenkrais workshops by Vesna Puric

January 20+21


Exploring connection pelvis to head, through the spine.

By going back to the developmental stages.

We will be a lot on the floor, lying, sitting, rolling

March 03+04


Enlarge our possibilities for well organised breathing.

Different ways of breathing, serves different purposes.

Exploring the ribs, diaphragm

To bring the body into action without compromise our ability to continue



May 05+06


Exploring the dynamics,

from lying on the floor, to get up to standing, and walking effortlessly.

The workshops are taking place in Ierlandstraat 3 1060 St. Gillis

Metro/Tram Hôtel des Monnaies


Price: 3 workshops €345

Each workshop, if taken individually €125

Request payment details per email.

Mention workshop and date, or dates

For any questions, please contact Vesna Puric on email vesna.puric (at)

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