Vesna Puric, a yugoslavian-swedish actress and dancer has lived for many years in Brussels. She speaks english, french, dutch, swedish, serbian and croatian. She’s always had a passion for movement. In 1985 she studied with and assisted Monica Pagneux, and it was then that she first came in contact with the Feldenkrais method.

Vesna studied theater at Ecole Jacques Lecocq in Paris and dance at The Laban Centre in London. She has since worked with several companies in both disciplines: Ensemble Leporello, Patricia Kuypers, Dito Dito, 4Hoogproducties, and Oceaan. Since 1993 she has worked regularly as a ‘cliniclown’, as well as giving workshops and lessons in movement to young people and theatre students. Through all these experiences, the Feldenkrais method continued to fascinate her, and it was a logical step for her fo finally follow the entire four year training in England. from which she graduated in 2003.

Why Feldenkrais?

For Vesna the point is that each of us have the potential to use our body in a more efficient and more pleasurable way, bringing general well-being within our reach. Feldenkrais worked under the assumption that body and spirit are one entity, that a change in one’s movement can exercise a positive influence on one’s way of thinking and feeling, and vice versa.

In this course Vesna will work with new movement combinations; simple, playful, sometimes strange. Most of these movements happen sitting or lying on the ground, and these patterns will serve as a starting-point for an exploration of the countless movement possiblilities that each of us possess.

Photo: Robert Golden